Efforts congress 2023

The 2023 European Federation of Fortified Sites 8th Congress in the timeless city of Maastricht is an excellent occasion to continue the work of our members, cities, regions, universities, associations and experts as they focus on issues like heritage reuse, spatial planning, mobility, inclusion and green and innovative heritage design.

In the frame of the ongoing EFFORTS Goes Green project, EFFORTS and its members want to be ready for the coming years in which the quality of life of our citizens will ever more connected to their identity and their future needs. Fortification heritage is at the crossroads of these themes.

With the Maastricht congress this year, and building on the results of the last congresses, we want you to have the occasion to participate on the themes that matter:  integrating communities,  green energy and rethinking tourism.

The congress will be an interactive one, with site visits, discussions in the town, panels and pitch sessions.

The word is Yours!


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